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Blur Gallery New Feature in Photoshop

Blur Gallery (Tilt-Shift, Iris and Field) Redesigned tools

A new set of Blur filters, called the Blur Gallery hold a little more than meets the eye. They are all special effects… blurs that simulate different kinds of lens effects. We may as well start-off with what I predict will be the big one: Tilt-shift. The tilt-shift blur, adds a blur to the entire image, but retains a narrow strip of focus. This is similar to what you would get using a tilt shift lens at an angle, the result is that it makes things look like miniatures. Its best to use a bird’s eye view, looking down at an angle without any horizon. Add this filter; adjust the blur and the drag to set the angle and area to be in focus. This is a lot of fun and the fun intensifies when you make changes to the light Bokeh. You can have bright areas blown out with splashes of color, or just a tinge of white to simulate out-of-focus specular highlights.

The Iris Blur allows you to position a circle on your image, the center of the circle is in focus and the pointers around it can be moved to define an in-focus region, which can be round or square, or a variation. The focus quickly falls off to a blur. This effect somewhat simulated what you would get with a Lensbaby type bellows lens.
The third in the gallery is the field blur. This is a quick way to simulate depth of field. You can set two points at different amounts of blur. A smooth blend of blur will be created between the two points, You are supposed to set one point blurry and the other one sharp and move them around to create a smooth blend. Of course there is nothing stopping you from adding blurs to both and going for a creative style effect.

+ Insert photo into Photoshop
=> Select on filter
=>Blur => select on Iris Blur to make blur circle on your image
=>Blur => select on Tilt-Shift Blur to make blur corner on your image


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