Concept Building Process of Design

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Concept Building Process of Design

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The concept building process we’ll focus on in these post, has several components that can be used either together or pulled apart and used individually. The strategy begins first, by establishing foundation concepts through identifying the core values of a project. Then, we’ll create a content explosion through the free association process, identifying related content on an exponential scale. Next, we’ll assemble note-sketched descriptives, setting the stage for all possibilities.

What are core values?

As the name implies, core values are those important feelings or beliefs that a consumer may relate to a product or service.
Core values can be challenging to determine, but by crafting stories that involve the product, we can often unearth them and gain a better
understanding of how the product can impact or influence a person’s life. We can then develop those stories as a means to communicate those
values to consumers.

The key is reaching the consumer by connecting with their needs or touching their emotions. For example, if we think about the product antiperspirant. We can assume the average consumer probably doesn’t care how it stops perspiration, but they need to believe they’ll feel confident in that important meeting they’re going to later that day. Even that fragment of a story quickly tells us that trusting and believing, and feeling confident are important core values related to antiperspirant.chili3

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