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Cut & divide Objects in Adobe Illustrator

Cut objects using the Divide Objects Below command

1. Select the object to use as a cutter, and position it so that it overlaps the objects to cut.
2. Choose Object > Path > Divide Objects Below.

Cut objects using the Knife tool

1. Select the Knife tool . Click and hold the eraser tool to see and select the Knife tool. See Select a tool for other methods of selecting tools.
2. Do one of the following:
=> To cut in a curved path, drag the pointer over the object.
=> To cut in a straight path, hold down Alt (Windows) or Option (Mac OS) as you click the artboard with the Knife tool, and then drag.

Divide an object into a grid

1. Select the object.
If you select more than one object, the resulting grid of objects uses the appearance attributes of the topmost object.
2. Choose Object > Path > Split Into Grid.
3. Enter the number of rows and columns you want.
4. (Optional) Do any of the following:
=> To set the size of each row and column, enter values for Height and Width.
=> To set the amount of space that separates rows from one another and columns from one another, enter values for Gutter.
=> To change the dimensions of the entire grid of objects, enter values for Total.
=> To add guides along the row and column edges, select Add Guides.
5. Click OK.

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