Improve your WordPress SEO by Yoast SEO

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Improve your WordPress SEO by Yoast SEO

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WordPress SEO is not just an SEO plugin, it is the complete website optimization package. Apart from adding titls and descriptions to your articles, it also allows you to add open graph meta data, do page analysis, publish xml sitemap, and so much more. It is easy to install and setup and that’s why we use it on all our websites. I would like to induces Yoast SEO to improve searching . Download

  1. wordpress-seo screenshot 1The Yoast SEO plugin general meta box. You’ll see this on edit post pages, for posts, pages and custom post types.
  2. wordpress-seo screenshot 2The fully configurable XML sitemap for Yoast SEO.
  3. wordpress-seo screenshot 3Easily import SEO data from All In One SEO pack and HeadSpace2 SEO.
  4. wordpress-seo screenshot 4Example of the SEO analysis functionality.
  5. wordpress-seo screenshot 5Example of the readability analysis functionality.
  6. wordpress-seo screenshot 6The advanced section of the Yoast SEO meta box.

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