Overall Communication Skills

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Overall Communication Skills

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Being able to communicate effectively — in both written and oral forms — is an essential job skill at all levels within a company. Oral communication is the means that relationships are formed that allow the company to function as a team and work in harmony. Written communication is the fuel of the decision-making process, the information and analysis the business owner needs to run the company efficiently.
7  Ways to Improve Your Communication Skills Overall 

1. Look People in the Eye
Many people feel odd about looking intensely into others’ eyes. I personally find myself naturally focusing on lips in conversations, which can help in a noisy environment.

2. Smiling 
Good communication being with a natural smile to make nice situation. No one to speak with somebody that have tiger face. So you need to remember “Your natural  smile make the world dance “.
3. Never talk over people.
This demonstrates a real lack of respect. By talking over someone what you’re basically saying is “I don’t care what you’re saying—what I have to say is more important”.

4. Don’t finish other people’s sentences.
I used to do this a lot thinking I was helpfully finishing people’s sentences for them. Wrong. Research has shown by doing this you are dis-empowering the other person because you are taking control of the conversation, so bite your tongue!

5. Paraphrase.
If you want to show that you have really understood someone, then paraphrasing a great tool. All you do is repeat back to someone what they have just said, before you comment yourself. Here’s an example: “So Barney, what I’m hearing is that results are the number one objective for you right now and we need to find some fast solutions for you?”

6. Listen actively.
Focus on active listening instead of passive listening. The difference is that active listening means you engage and respond to the other person based on what they have said, passive listening is simply the act of listening with no response.

7. Maintain eye contact.
By looking the other person in the eye, you are proving that you’re interested in what they’re saying. This also keeps you focused and less distracted.


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